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Flavours by Sodexo has exceptional culinary skills and extensive capabilities to satisfy a wide range of catering needs. We are passionate

about food and dedicated to making sure things are as perfect as possible for your special occasion! Please use this guide to understand

processes, procedures and expectations as we work together to achieve a smoothly executed and memorable catered event.

Our experienced event planning specialists are very consultative and will be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns and assist

you in planning every detail. We look forward to serving you!


When you have a catered event in mind, please contact us as soon as possible. Even if you are not yet sure of such details as the exact event

date, event location and number of guests that will be in attendance, it's a good idea to touch base with us as early on in the process as


Some catering arrangements through Flavours by Sodexo can be made by phone, email or online; other catering arrangements require an

in-person appointment with one of our event planning specialists. It's easy to get in touch with Flavours by Sodexo about your catering

needs. Here are the options:

Visit Our Office: You may visit us in person at Marbeck. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm. Please be aware that we are

closed on some holidays.

Visit us on the Web: You may contact us about your catering needs through our online catering Website at The

ultimate in convenience, this site will enable you to easily view our fabulous catering menus, see your order history, place recurring orders

and much, much more.

Give us a Call: You may speak with an event planning specialist by calling 419-358-3213. Send us an Email: You may email us at


You must make arrangements to secure a location for your event. Whether your event will be taking place on or off the venue, Marbeck,

campus, you will need to officially "reserve" the space in order for us to be permitted to serve you in this location. To reserve a room for an

event, please contact Marbeck Center.


You must make arrangements to secure tables, chairs and other equipment you may need for your event. Please contact Marbeck Center to

make these arrangements.


No less than one week from the scheduled catered event, you must sign a Banquet Event Order. You will also be asked to provide us with a

"final" number of guests that will attend your event; the "estimated" number will be used if you don't know the "final" number. This

document will outline the terms of your agreement with our Catering Office and include all event details and requirements, including time,

date, location, menu selections, number of attendees, professional services, equipment, and staffing. If you do not provide us with a final

number, we use the estimated number.


No less than two days from the scheduled catered event, please make us aware of any event changes (including increases or decreases in

the number of attendees) or if your event needs to be canceled. Please be advised that if we are notified of your changes or cancellation

after this deadline, you will be responsible for expenses already incurred by the Catering Office.


Payment must be received prior to the execution of your catered event. Accepted forms of payment include Visa, Master Card, cash, and

department accounts.

If your group is not a university account:

- A deposit of 75% is required two weeks prior to your scheduled event with the balance due on the day of the event.

- An administrative fee 18% will be added to your bill.

- Sales tax of 6.75% will be added to your bill.

If you are a tax-exempt organization:

- You must submit a copy of your tax-exemption certificate prior to the date of your scheduled event.

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